Since its inception in 1992, the company has been focusing on the independent R&D and design of sports products and technology, providing customers with three main categories of products, namely, sportswear, sports shoes and sports accessories. Word of mouth comes from quality and strength wins trust. Saiqi technology products after 26 years of ingenious grinding, has successfully occupied the domestic sports market, won the favor of the majority of consumers.


1.Innovative R & D to ensure product technology is far ahead of the industry.

Since 2009, our company has set up R&D base, including clothing R&D center and shoe industry R&D center, and supporting the construction of product testing center, to achieve R&D, trial production, testing and production of four-in-one product development system. According to statistics, the annual R&D expenditure of our company in 2014-2017 accounts for about 5% of the total sales revenue, and the product innovation has been increasing. We have introduced 3D knitted technology running shoes, 360 degree breathable and easy-bending running shoes, trackless heel cup high-elastic running shoes, double-density shock-retarding elastic running shoes, elastic light down, ice-sandal yarn technology clothing, etc. A series of high-tech products, such as photosensitive thermochromic T, seamless integrated molding T, have been authorized to pass more than 100 patents. The revenue of these products accounts for about 60% of the total sales revenue. In recent years, the company has gradually expanded the scale of R&D bases and testing centers, emphasized the use of science and technology to enhance the comfort of products, from materials to production, concentrate on tapping the power of science and technology, the importance of product development and cost investment will continue to increase, the annual R&D expenditure investment plans to increase to about 10% of the total sales revenue. At the same time, with the support of the project subsidy of the Bureau of Science and Technology, it is planned to build the testing center into a one-stop and comprehensive public service platform for shoes and clothes testing. While accelerating product upgrading and upgrading product quality, the company will make full use of its resources to promote the movement. Industry contributes to the development of China and the world.



2.Machines change jobs, build efficient and intelligent production line of shoes and garments.

Saiqi Sports has two major production bases, including Henan Xiayi production base and Fujian Quanzhou production base, with a total floor area of about 810,000 square meters. It has 25 standard automatic production lines and is estimated to produce 10 million pieces of sportswear, 5 million pairs of sneakers and 2 million bags annually, with an annual output value of 3 billion yuan.

Since mid-2015, the company has begun to plan the technical transformation project of the production line. In the process of actively implementing the concept and practice of "machine change", the company has selected rational and efficient intelligent CNC equipment. According to statistics, by the end of 2016, the total amount of CNC equipment invested by our company has reached about 3 million yuan, mainly including intelligence. It can realize high-precision weighing and filling machine, laser cutting machine, automatic template sewing machine, hanging system, etc. At present, all these devices have been put into operation.。

The company has always adhered to the concept of "product quality is the heart of the enterprise", always put product quality in the first place, strictly control the process requirements and quality level in the production process, strictly implement the quality management concept of product production, from product design, process flow to workshop production, to transportation and sales, all systems Set detailed and controllable management standards.



3.Integration of resources to achieve successful transformation of marketing strategy at home and abroad

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the traditional marketing model has been difficult to load, in order to better adapt to the development trend of market economy environment, the company will effectively adjust the marketing strategy at home and abroad, to "fast sports store" in the main, the "Sumaitong" external way to structure a new marketing model. "Fast Sports Shop" marketing model is based on the "study of market consumption trends, analysis of consumer psychology" to segment the market, break the traditional macro-boundaries, seize market opportunities, the core idea is to achieve rapid updating of store goods through high cost performance ratio and improve the sales speed of store goods, profit. Four key points, namely, price reality, quality assurance, design innovation and thoughtful service, are used to ensure the smooth operation of the business model, promote product renewal in an efficient sales mechanism and enhance customer loyalty. In addition, the company is speeding up the expansion of the international market, both e-commerce and foreign trade, the plan will be through the "Quick Selling Tong" platform to sell Siqi products directly to overseas customers, the realization of the international version of "B2C" marketing model, replacing the previous low-profit business model for international brand OEM re-export, to complete the depth from OEM to brand. Transformation, expand the influence and popularity of Saiqi brand. On this basis, the company's next step will strive to achieve online and offline integration ("O2 O") business model, to provide customers with more quality products and services.

4、Talent introduction provides a continuous source of power for the development of enterprises.

Enterprise transformation is not only the transformation of the company's hardware and software facilities and development strategy, but also the transformation of the staff, and innovative personnel training mode is the key to the transformation of the staff. In recent years, the company has continuously improved the personnel training model, innovated the personnel training system, put forth effort to promote school-enterprise cooperation, jointly trained personnel with universities, and actively established in-school training base for the company to import high-level personnel, further improve the overall quality of the staff, the company plans to cooperate with universities from the nearest provinces to broaden At the same time, the company will allocate full funds to reserve cadres for professional skills training, encourage personnel at all levels of the company to participate in vocational skills training and grading, actively pursue the city-level policies related to enterprises, strive to retain talent and slow down the flow of talent; at the same time, establish a sound innovation incentive mechanism; To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, carry forward the spirit of innovation, and further for the company's innovative development supporting the construction of personnel training system.